What is the True Meaning of Mother’s Day?

For my mom, all she wants is hugs and kisses. I mean a lot. No matter if I get her the latest Keurig flavor, flowers, or a card, all she wants is to spend time with her son.

I guarantee that’s all your mom wants too. If you are far from her and do not plan on spending time with her today, make sure to give her a call to show your love and appreciation.

See what the true meaning of Mother’s Day is for kid president:


Some people might not have a good relationship with their mom and if this is you then I challenge you to forgive and forget no matter what. Being able to release all grudges speaks highly about who you are and whether you like it or not you would not be here if it was not for your momma.

If your mom is dead, then commit an act of random kindness for her. Today is a day of love. Love others just like you mom has showed you how to love.

Love your mom and other unconditionally today and do not let it stop there. Try living your life like it’s mother day everyday.

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