Observations are going well. I am another week into the semester and I have another week of observations under my belt. The students as well as my co-op are becoming more used to me being around and more comfortable around me. The students are more responsive to my questions and my help on certain things and have become more interested in what I do and what I am all about.

One of the issues that I have sometimes is the age difference between my students and I. One of the classes I am in is full of High school Seniors who are only two, and in some cases, one year younger than I am. Due to this I feel like the students may not be taking me seriously and may think of me more as a peer than as a teacher. This has not become a problem as of yet, but in the near future when I m going to be teaching lessons to these students, I am not sure how they will respond to me. My hope is that because I am so close in age to them, that they will be able to relate to me and I will be able to relate to them. I think I can use the age difference as an advantage because I know what they're going through and what things many of them are interested in/or not at all interested in, and this may not be the case for many of their usual teachers that are significantly older than them.

I think that if I can make the lessons fun for them and applicable to their lives and situations as young adults, that they will perceive me very well and everybody will benefit.

At the other end of the spectrum, the students could not be interested in anything that I have to say and make the lesson a real challenge. If this is the case, I will have to be able to think and adjust on my feet in order to draw the students in and engage them somehow. This is easier said than done, but whatever the case, I am excited to be moving forward as an educator and I am excited to see what the future holds and to have the opportunity to learn from my experiences. #SED363

Lisa Hollenbach

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