Virtual Tourist is a VR application that I developed for my Night at the Museum project as part of Term 2 of the Udacity VR Nanodegree program. The software enables you to learn about any of the 6 featured destinations and even visit them in virtual reality. These destinations are: Paris, London, San Francisco, Rome, Las Vegas, and New York. I picked these places from a list of the most popular vacation spots that I found via a Google search. I created the app using the Unity game engine, and it requires the user to wear a Google Cardboard on their head. …

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Age: 32 years old

Occupation: Travel agent

Income: 50k a year

Name: Sofia Lopez

Quote: “Travelling unveils new dimensions of this world not known to the naked eye.” ~Wayne Chirisa

I am motivated by people who have a desire to see the world around us, to feed their spirits and explore the unknown.

I am also motivated by new ways to discover great destinations, such as using virtual and augmented reality to choose your perfect travel destination.

My experience level with virtual reality is limited. I have tried out the Google Cardboard at the company I work at and I came away interested at the possibilites that this medium can offer the tourism industry. …

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality would definitely add a lot to the next generation of product marketing. Instead of being restricted to the virtual world, users would be able to view and interact with products in the real world, eliminating the need for a 3D environment and allowing the user to visualize this product in their very own home.

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Eye Tracking

Eye tracking would also add to the overall experience because the application would be able to determine exactly what the user is looking at. …

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