Hillary Clinton: What (Really) Happened

She lost the white male vote. End of story. And it wasn’t about politics either. The average person had no idea what her policy proposals were. It goes far deeper than that — to something men experience since childhood.

Hillary Clinton was the psychologically-abusive female teacher who humiliated you in front of your peers, emasculated you, and made you feel powerless. Who you were almost certain discriminated against you because of your gender.

Hillary Clinton was the she-devil aunt who chastised you while you had to stand there and take it without speaking up for fear of repercussions.

Hillary Clinton was the wretched woman at the RMV who denied your car registration because you wrote down the wrong number on a form and crossed it out and “that’s just not allowed”.

Hillary Clinton was the personification of abuse of power. Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election was the result of the collective resentment that men feel towards this archetype.