Pray For Others, Blessings Will Shower on You

Prayer is a pure and pious way of reaching to the God. We communicate our thoughts, miseries, fears, anxieties, despairs, regret, all through prayers. But is it fair to just pray for ourselves? Is it fair to be selfish and keep asking God for the things we want, or the way we want things to happen? Jesus was the most selfless man ever. He came to earth for us, worked for us, and even died for us. Therefore, selflessness is that one aspect that Jesus would love to see in his kids as well.

God is there to help everyone. He is not waiting for you to pray for somebody, or if the number of prayers for that person reach a certain number for him to act. He will act anyways, but praying for someone else will open another door of faith and compassion in your heart. Pray for your near and dear ones, pray for your family, pray for your friends, pray for the animals, pray for the trees, pray for your enemies, pray for the well-being of the entire world

The entire world is a family, a family bonded by the fact that we are kids of the same creator. There is no pride in visiting a church with a list of things you need from God, not that you should not do that at all, he is there for you. But, when we pray for someone else or bring him on the path of God, we become dearer to that almighty.

There is nothing much you need to do for others; no materialistic benefit can match the power of prayer. Nowadays, you can easily send Christian prayer request online as well. It takes just a heart that wants to help others, that’s it. When you pray from your heart for someone regularly, then the fruit of it is bound to come.

Remember, whenever you are praying for yourself or someone else, try to be detailed in what you are asking for. What you want, how you want it, the little intrinsic details, all should be contributed to the God. Not that he doesn’t know it already, but it will show how important that thing is for you.

A sincere prayer is the one that is made out of faith and love. The faith in God, that he is there listening to you and has all the powers to make your wishes come true. The love for that almighty, the love that is not selfish, and the love that is away from all worldly pleasure, the love of the divine.

What does all it takes to pray for others? Just the desire to help others. Just this thought of being ready to lend a hand others will open doors for us for being helpful. The help could be physical, emotional or divine (prayer). While other ways take time and resources, sending an online Christian prayer request will just take a few clicks. Make it a trend to pray for others, and encourage others to do the same. This way we can build a world of care, togetherness, and concern. Believe that you belong to others, and this world is a one big family.