Week 7

React. React. React. This week was all about using the Javascript library called React. React was developed by Facebook and it’s currently the of Javascript libraries (I may or may not have spent 10 mins trying to think of what’s hot right now). Having spent the last 6 weeks on vanilla Javascript, having this new library to work with is honestly pretty awesome. From what I understand, the next 2 weeks of lecture are going to be focusing on React as well. I’m really excited to finally stick with something for longer than a day or two so that I can get more comfortable with the concepts. Probably one of the more difficult parts about this 12-week program is having to learn something almost completely new everyday. So these next few weeks should be a welcome change.

The weekend assignment was to create a React photo album app that makes use of React’s component based architecture and also it’s client side routing capabilities. I just finished up the project a couple minutes ago and you can check it out here if you would like. Be nice, it’s my first time using React. This is also the first time the teacher wanted us to deploy our website, so I learned how to use npm build and deployed it using Surge. Back to studying, I’ll update y’all again next week.