Dear Members of the Grand Old Party,

I grew up in a conservative Christian household with a very conservative family. At one point, in my much younger years, I believed in the Republican Party. While I have ideologically separated and would call myself a “flaming liberal”, I have always at the very least had respect for your party and the ideas you present. My father and I have gotten into many a heated debate, and I have at points had to concede to the partial logic of some of his arguments.

I am saying this to make fully clear that this is not an attack based on mere party disagreements. In fact, I was a huge Bernie Sanders supporter, and I am not in love with Hillary Clinton (though I will be giving her my vote). I would call myself an Independent more than anything and am comfortable saying the Democratic Party does not represent my ideals, but a lesser of two evils in a terrible system in which you either play by the rules or face dire consequences (like having that moron you put up as your candidate get elected).

Why I am writing this letter is to explain why I have lost every shred of respect I have for your party because of this election.

This week, a source released with your candidate saying incredibly outrageous things regarding a white woman. For many of you have found this to be the moment to cut ties, to remove your approval for him. You have spoken publicly about the egregiousness of this statements. You called for him to step down, and for his running make to take over. This was your breaking point. Your moment of “too much.”

Now I have to ask you politely: cut the bullshit.

When your candidate said equally heinous things about the Hispanic population in our country, you said nothing. He accused them of being drug dealers, “people with lots of problems”, and rapists. This wasn’t enough for you.

When your candidate said equally cruel things about Muslim people entering and living in our country, you said nothing. He planned to shut down Muslim immigration into our country as a part of his platform, something that is ideologically opposed to the very founding of our nation. You all technically come from immigrant families who were trying to escape injustice (unless you were dropped down by aliens, which might explain some of your views..), you let him carry on. That wasn’t enough for you.

When your candidate said equally heinous things about Black people in our country, you said nothing. He spoke about the Black population in the broadest and Machiavellian fashion in an attempt to get their votes: “Try Trump, what have you got to lose?” after claiming all were impoverished, uneducated, and unemployed. He then claimed “Stop and Frisk” was effective, and essentially said that he endorses racial profiling. This wasn’t enough for you.

When your candidate previously spoke against women as a gender, you said nothing. He has historically stated that women in the workplace “lose their softness,” and that maternity leave was “bad for business.” He has called women cows, pigs, and a series of other terrible things, and wants nothing to do with anyone who doesn’t meet the beauty standards to which he ascribes. And that wasn’t enough for you.

Which brings me to this week and your so called “outrage” with your candidate. Do not pretend to be outraged. It’s offensive. You cannot suddenly care. It is not a light switch that flips. You are the party of HB2. You are the party of “All Lives Matter”. You are now the party of a Mexican wall. And frankly, if you do not want anyone to grab a woman “by the p*ssy”, stop trying to grab her by her uterus and attack Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to choose. A woman’s bodily rights to not stop at her exterior. Do not pretend for a second your concern for women extends at all beyond your own interests.

Your continued silence has been utterly deafening. Your candidate has been a bigot, a misogynist, and a racist this ENTIRE. TIME. And you have stood idly by and watched. You might not have been the bully, but that makes you worse. You have had the power, you have had the voice to come out and condemn his actions and his words, yet you have not. You have allowed all of the deep, dark, nasty parts of your party’s outer fringe to take center stage and have left us the laughing stock of the world. You were totally fine with this….until it’s a month out from the election and you realize you might be totally f*cked.

Well, grab some lube and buckle in, buttercup. You brought this upon yourself. You are deserving of everything because you have allowed him to do this to us and your party.

So please: just maintain your silence. Because at this point, to do anything otherwise is just insulting.

Most Sincerely Yours,

Tyler E. Adams