What’s Your Word of the Day?

For 118 days from January 19, 2016 until May 16, 2016, I wrote and published a new daily piece of creative writing through a “Word of the Day” project.

Cover for 1/19/16–4/27/16, a digital book of my first 100 Word of the Day pieces

I learned a number of lessons during this time and found a lot of enjoyment thanks to the project, as did people I shared it with. I want to share this project with others looking for a way to practice, experiment, stay sharp, and have fun with writing.

How it Works:

There are two ways to craft a Word of the Day:

  1. Choose your word before writing the piece. Choose a meaningful word, a new word (for your vocab), a random word, a funny word, or a challenging word. Once you’ve picked your word, use the word within the piece and as the title.
  2. Write a creative piece; poetry, creative non-fiction, blog, flash fiction, or short story. Choose a word from the piece as the “Word of the Day” and make it the title.

Keep the project going on a daily basis for as long as possible. You will be surprised how far you can push your creative limits with this project, gain new insights about yourself as a writer, and rediscover the joy of the written word. I also chose to publish my work, which isn’t required, but it gave me additional enjoyment and allowed me to get feedback from readers and other writers.

You can read my Word of the Day Poems for inspiration, as posts or a digital copy of my book 1/19/16–4/27/16, at my website.

If you choose to share:

  • Consider sharing your piece on /r/WordoftheDayPoems so we can gather as a community around these projects.
  • Share on your blog or personal website and apply the Creative Commons license I use at my website to share the project with other writers you know or friends looking to get more writing practice.

Thanks for considering this project and I’m excited to see this help others the way it helped me!

Read my Word of the Day collection, 1/19/16–4/27/16, for inspiration.