Five Podcasts For The Doubting Christian

If you’re not a podcast person you’re missing out on the best car rides of your life. If you are a podcast person, then you know just how hard it is to find good podcasts! So here’s a list of my personal favorite podcasts that also just so happen to be highly useful for someone whose ideas about God and spirituality are changing.

1. The Liturgists

The Liturgists is a podcast ran by Michael Gungor and Science Mike (Mike Mchargue). In this podcast they discuss topics through the lenses of science, faith, and art. At the risk of sounding dramatic, The Liturgists will change your life.

2. Ask Science Mike

In Ask Science Mike, Science Mike answers questions listeners send in (who would’ve guessed?). This podcast is brilliantly intelligent, fun, and at times emotionally powerful. Mike answers questions from, “What is the brain science of The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter?” to, “I’m a pastor and I don’t believe in God anymore, how can I move on in my life without damaging my friends and family?”.

3. You Made It Weird

You Made It Weird is a podcast hosted by the comedian Pete Holmes. In this podcast Pete Holmes interviews a guest and things usually get weird. I’ve never laughed harder than some of the times I have listened to this podcast. Pete Holmes is a mystic and him and his guest usually end up talking about God and spirituality at some point in the episodes. In addition to being the funniest out of these five podcasts it’s incredibly insightful and thought provoking.

4. The RobCast

The RobCast is a weekly podcast hosted by Rob Bell. Rob preaches podcast sermons on some episodes and interviews guests on others. Fans of Rob Bell will know that he is an incredible communicator with a knack for grace and empathy. His podcast is a safe place for anyone who isn’t sure what to believe about God anymore.

5. The Bad Christian Podcast

The Bad Christian Podcast is a breath of fresh air for anyone with a tendency to rock the boat in their faith or Church. Bad Christian is hosted by the members of the band Emery. In this podcast the members discuss faith, theology, their band, politics, and a whole mess of other topics. The shtick is that they discuss these topics in a genuine and sometimes bluntly offensive manner. You might not want to listen to this one with children around!

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