Modules Coding is the Future

I have been starting to get back into Node.js, it has been a while since I used it, the last time was when I worked for a startup in Toronto called Burbi. I was the front end developer and redesigned their front page. I only really set up the front page, but I did get a copy of the whole software and was able to play around with the code. For the time, I was like, this is pointless, but it became something pretty powerful.

If you don’t know what Node.js is or if you have never came across it in your passings, it is a module based system, which means you only load what you need at any given time. It is based on javascript so requests are much faster. Allowing for large networking applications to be scaled.

To put it into plan terms, its sorta like an old phone switch board, you only plug in the lines you need to plug in, all the others sit dormant until called upon.

Module based systems are getting very popular as larger based companies move to the more robust code base. Old slow services are new, heavy isn’t good for company who want to expand large scale without rebuilding. Take companies like Square, Shopify and even LinkedIn are built upon this platform.

Pluging only when you need it will be how we should go, load time decreases, experience is better and overall performance increases.

Consider learning Node.js as your next language

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