the odd original content by AppleMusic

Last year Apple released their first step into the original content with the release of ‘808: The Movie ‘ documentary. Since then, Apple just released trailers announced two new shows that will presented to AppleMusic subscribers. One is the hit skit that was first shown on Late Late Night with James Corden, the late night show. Now Carpool Karaoke makes sense, singing music and watching music getting sang fall in the ‘Music’ title of AppleMusic. However ‘Planet of the Apps’ does not, its odd.

If you don’t know the background of ‘Planet of the Apps’ just picture Shark Tank but for apps only. The concept for the tv-show makes a lot of sense since there is millions of dollars in application and Apple has the biggest market for application. However having original content that isn’t directly involved with the music industry does it even belongs in the AppleMusic world.

Much of the newest update to AppleMusic in iOS10 was the simplification of the application itself. The user experience was not the easiest to move through, there was just too many features that it just felt crowded. And as AppleMusic opens a new door into original content, where does this sort of content get displayed and does it really belong in an app called ‘Music’.

This actually fuels a much bigger problem that Apple will soon have to figure out if it continues down the path of original content. Much like they had to figure iTunes for macOS a couple years ago. It was a crowded experience and as more content grew, it was harder to move throughout it. With the most recent big change to iTunes on macOS they took a page from the iOS family, and have separated out whole sections: Music, TV Shows, Movies, Apps, Podcasts. Now when you are viewing TV Shows, you are only viewing TV Shows. Much like now you have a stand alone application for Podcasts on your iOS devices.

A more direct way to have access to this content would be the ability to download it from its correct category from iTunes directly and have it go into the correct category (TV, Movie, Music). Apple knows by our AppleID that we are a subscribers to AppleMusic which will give us a ‘Free’ copy of it. And that would still allow Apple to sell its original content through iTunes, like they currectly do with 808.

Apple is serious about creating original content through AppleMusic and with the organization of the content at its current state; I think the length of getting to the content will decrease the viewership of it. Not to mention, currently there is not way to stop watching the ‘808, The Movie’ and come back later to finish it, but lets not get into that just yet.