If you work anywhere near a technology driven job, you have came across new things almost on a daily basis. The technology field is changing and there is always a new piece of tech, a new patch, or new trend. All of which comes a learning curve. Some learning curves are easier than others, but some can really take you off your feet, and that’s a good thing.

I have only worked at three start-ups and I already know it can be a high stress environment, so the things I say next might surprise you.

Take on the stuff you don’t know, because you will need it later. An average person my age stays at a job for 1.2 years -3 years. We aren’t in it to retire, we are in it for the experience. And with experiences and new learning curves, bring new jobs, responsibilities and abilities that two year about self couldn’t even imagine. Hell 6 month ago self didn’t even know I would be doing a redesign for the company.

Those projects that might not be your area, take them. It will look good once you finish them, and if you can’t, pass them to another and blame the other guy… just kidding. There are resources everywhere, coworkers everywhere. It’s you that will come out on top because you did something you didn’t know how to do.

If you learn at work, you get paid at work for learning. And hell who wouldn’t want to be paid to learn!