Orion Labs is on a mission to bring Slack-like productivity to deskless workers through a heads up voice workflow platform.

Today I am excited to announce that Dell Technologies Capital (DTC) has lead the $29M Series B into Orion Labs. Participating in the round is WRVI and insiders including Avalon Ventures, Argentum Capital Partners, Allen and Company, Mathers Associates, and In-Q-Tel. This marks DTC’s first Future of Work and voice investment. I have joined Orion Labs’ board of directors.

I recall how incredible the team that founder Jesse Robbins had assembled in 2013 when both our companies (I was then CEO @ Codenvy) were working out of Heavybit. They had commandeered large portions of the floor engineering technology that looked…

I’ve never setup a flight simulator at home. While the simulation community is large and active, there aren’t many tutorials online. It’s always felt like you needed to be “in-the-know” in order to understand what you need to purchase, how to install, and then configure a system at home.

Update 5/31/2020: Completed the PilotEdge I-11 rating, which is the last rating. Added in issues on the Noble system relating to DME arcs, holds, and FPL scrolling. Having now completed the PilotEdge ratings with the Noble system, it allows me to reflect upon whether the investment was worthwhile — especially since…

On the surface, GitOps sounds like a simple concept. If you understand Git and ops, then is it just two concepts combined together?

GitOps is an approach to applying operational procedures against infrastructure-as-code (IaC) which is versioned using the Git source control system. GitOps is an opinionated approach to applying IaC using DevOps techniques and spans how the infrastructure is codified, the procedures on how those changes are detected and moved into an operational system, and defines a number of (very popular) open source projects used to orchestrate these procedures. …

Lightbend is Bringing Reactive Architecture to All Developers

Lightbend today announced that Dell Technologies Capital led their $25M investment round!

Joining us in the round is WRVI and existing investors Shasta Ventures, Bain Capital, IBM, Blue Cloud Ventures, Greylock Partners, Juniper Networks, Polytech Ventures, and Intel Capital. I have also joined Lightbend’s board of directors.

Founded in 2010 by Jonas Bonér (creator of Akka) and Martin Odersky (creator of the Scala Programming Language), Lightbend has become the leading vendor for Reactive Architecture and has 150 vanguard customers whose applications require the highest forms of resilience, speed, and scalability including LinkedIn, Verizon, Tesla, CapitalOne, Goldman Sachs, Starbucks, ING, Walmart


2/1/12 — First Draft
2/19/13 — Updates: Hedging precautions, rolling strategies
3/24/13 — Updates: Added examples
6/23/17 — Refresh
10/25/19 — Updates: Variations
12/24/19 — Updates: Stats and Variations

What Is This?

This blog is normally reserved to discussing topics related to my line of work — as an enterprise software executive and venture capitalist. I love that work. But, we all have hobbies, and for the past decade, one of mine has been fine tuning a derivatives trading algorithm. Periodically, this analysis is updated with new results, learnings from activity in the market, and risk analysis discussion with experts.


In 2010, I…

NS1 today announced that Dell Technologies Capital led their Series C investment for $33M. Joining us in the round is existing investors Salesforce Ventures, Granite Global Ventures, Deutsche Telekom, Flybridge, and Sigma Prime Ventures. My partner, Daniel Docter, coordinated DTC’s investment, and I’ll be joining NS1’s board of directors.

Founded in 2013 by Kris Beevers (CEO), Jon Sullivan (CTO), and Alex Vayl (chief of staff), NS1 has rapidly become the leading vendor in what has historically been a sleepy market — DNS. NS1 has 450 vanguard customers whose applications require fast and safe traffic routing including Salesforce, LinkedIn, Yelp, Dropbox…

In July, I started at Dell Technologies Capital as Managing Director.

DTC is the venture arm for Dell Technologies investing in innovative early-stage companies, providing crucial business guidance and access to Dell’s channel. We invest >$100M each year in storage, networking, DevOps, silicon, data, security, IOT, edge, and ML/AI companies.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve focused on DevOps — investing as an angel and as a partner at Toba Capital. By specializing in technologies that continue to thrill, I’ve been able to make better predictions, better help companies accelerate their growth, and build a wonderful network of like minded…

10th straight year of subscription growth!

WSO2 had a stellar 2018 fiscal year. Continuing with the tradition began last year of financial transparency, I am pleased to share WSO2’s 2018 financial achievements and our 2019 plans.

WSO2 is starting our 14th year of operations. As our technology has become accepted as the best for open source integration, our business has started to grow at an increasing rate.

10th straight year of subscription growth; financial sound operations

WSO2 Subscriptions is our primary business. Customers purchase subscriptions to get support with an SLA, patches, security scanning, and developer query time. Subscriptions are purchased annually and are renewable. …

WSO2 now has 614 staff. 1/3 of our technology staff have multiple degrees, a master’s degree, or a PhD.

Constant research, study, and learning is ingrained in many of the experts that are part of our company.

Our research team, makes the heart of our performance engineering, academic analysis of distributed systems, and global technology outlook function. In many ways they are the Unsung Heroes of WSO2.

Our research and intellectual curiosity does not end there, however. Our staff, across a variety of technical and business disciplines, publish frequently. In 2018, there have been more than 100 blogs and articles…

Last week the industry was stunned with the news that IBM was acquiring Red Hat in a deal worth $34 billion and nearly 1/3 of IBM’s market capitalization.

The media, open source community, and open source businesses, such as WSO2, were left to assess the potential impact that this transaction could have on open source. My first blog discussed fears that IBM’s commercial and business approach will eventually erode the qualities that made Red Hat’s business special by eroding the community potency of its employees. …

Tyler Jewell

MD @ Dell Tech Capital. BOD @ NS1, Orion Labs. Prev: CEO @ WSO2, CEO @ Codenvy (acq. by RHT). Invest @ Sauce Labs, Cloudant, ZeroTurnaround, InfoQ, Sourcegraph.

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