Be with someone who comes from a broken family
Sky Lacea

You know, your article is pretty uplifting and what not but those qualities only apply to the rare exceptions (the ones that overcome their demons and broken surrounding environment). I know a lot of broken people, I even had a best friend that came from that environment. Many of them showed not so behavioral qualities with a closed/insecure mindset and viewpoint of life. It’s as if that they are constantly putting themselves in a metal box, often of what they perceive as a “safe place”. Which in fact, puts them in a detrimental position in life to keep on going forward and have faith in themselves and with others. You can only help them so much but unfortunately it’s up to them to change for themselves. It really gets frustrating when you have to constantly have to pull their weight… that’s when I found out my relationship with my best friend was not healthy and had to cut her off from my life. :( One piece of advice to anyone, don’t get into intimate relationships with broken people. At least be friends with them, but don’t be surprised if you get somewhat burned along with them.

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