Direct Mail is Not Dead: My 3 Reasons

Even Gary Vaynerchuk has said it

I love to say it, I was wrong a year ago when I told a friend that I thought direct mail was terrible for him. Why? Because he did it and it failed miserably, however I learned something. Industry matters.

If you’re a retail shop that sells watches then you, more than likely, will not win with direct mail campaigns. However if you’re a car dealership or life insurance agent then direct mail can help you increase your monthly revenue 10 fold.

Here are my top 3 reasons why direct mail still wins.

1.Law of Large Numbers — Have you ever wondered why sales people are obsessed with numbers? Because the more you do something the more success you will have. If you send 20,000 direct mail pieces for $20,000 and you make $40,000 off that campaign then you profit $1 for every $1 spent.

You can also predict a specific return based off previous direct mail campaigns.

2. Specificity — Have you ever got sent a flier for a grocery store that you never go to? Do you know why you get those fliers? Because the grocery store buys a list of everyone in the area and just sends large blasts out. They don’t really care about ROI, it’s more about getting the message to as many consumers as possible.

This doesn’t work for every industry though, you’re not sending a service reminder to a Chevy owner if you own a Ford store. Specificity matters, and for those of you that don’t think that then you are probably wasting your money.

3. It’s cost effective — Depending on how much volume and what kind of mailer you are sending it can be extremely cost effective and efficient. You can send a campaign for $100 for 100 pieces or $1,000 for 1,500 pieces.

Mail still wins, it just depends on what industry you work in. If you don’t believe me then just look in your mailbox and wait for a car dealership to send you an offer for a $10 oil change, or a $25 gift card to test drive a car.