Racism: Trending Topic of 2017
Joel Leon.

I love your writing style, you have a flow that is unmatched.

I’m founder of https://dev3lop.com a tech company. We do a lot of following ‘trends’ and ‘why things go viral.’ I’ve been in technology, and consulted to the .gov entities my entire 20’s. Nearly 2 decades of programming and 1 decade of enterprise/government solutions.

And in my opinion —it’s trending because it’s a profitable SEO keyword and it’s exactly the type of content our tax dollars pay to cover up more republican plunders.

My wife and most of her family will be negatively impacted by this health care ‘reform’ to benefit the 1%.

The data is all public knowledge, the information is one click away, but trending is our news. We live here, where people are told every aspect of history, current life, and what is happening around the world.

Trending, paid for news to distract. Just like the Muslim ban, which impacted my friends and family around the world. Now, it’s no different, another reason for delusional America to wake up, and turn right back to the channel that lied to them about Bernie.

I recently saw the blue lives matter flag, flagged him down, and question what it was about. I had to turn down Kendrick Lamar — DNA to be told it’s because “you know how they say black lives matter.. well this is blue lives matter” — my response was “okay buddy” and he drove off. It took me over a month to realize he lived at the end of my street and knew who I was… He has never flown that flag again, maybe telling my wife I would destroy it if I saw him fly it again, maybe a little bird told him it’s not about black or white. Those are colors.

What I hate the most about beautiful stories and content like yours, is that it’s lost on the 99%. I will do my best to share this across my networks. Thanks for this.

Back to my insights:

Quoting Kendrick — Reverting back to our daily programmes, stuck in our ways.

If only the 99% would stop reverting, and start fighting together. The 1% understands this is a problem, and that’s exactly why companies like CNN are paid to escalate this. CNN which is owned by Time Warner, which had to rebrand to Spectrum. The company who gave 1million to clinton, that’s why she could only take the debate on CNN.

Trending Racism… Similar to how Trump trends his bad media about himself while he steals billions from public services.

The worst part about trending Racism… Is it scares people… I just sold something on craigslist to a foreign family, and they had to make up American names, they tip toed around everything, until they saw my Bernie sign.

Trending is another word for spamming every media outlet with Press Releases, it costs <$250 for 100 to 200 news websites to publish your story, and they are all automated systems — spewing the most fear mongering content possible. These pages LINK to your website which build authority. They trend to dominate the air waves and hide the $$$ truths.

What’s disgusting about this trend, is that it’s causing deaths, daily. Yet our tax dollars are funneled to it without a single vote from the public.

Why trend racism? To keep the 99% delusional, excited about sports, and happy for game of thrones. What if instead of sports, all the idiots watching those channels owned by the same companies spewing for profit fear mongering, and simply stop watching it. Start working on progressing their community instead? Crazy thought for a die hard sports person — to do something positive, other than staring at TV billion dollar ad campaigns.

Wonder why Trumps twitter posts trended more than proving Syria was a fake fire fight? Similar to how the news has generated a trending and profitable media — proliferated by the 1%.

I was one of handful of white kids in a predominately black school. I’m disgusted by the media, what Bill Clinton did to Media & black communities around the United States, and the ability of the 99% to continue to let this happen day after day. What was strange is how hard Clintons pandered this direction — yet here we are — dealing with the problems proliferated by the Clinton family.

You have a follower for live. Keep it up.

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