Robots are chasing me, sprinting from If Then Else End.

IF Robot_IO_a1=844223 then ‘poem’ else [augmented reality] end

(this is a poem to my wife, please read every aspect of it. everyone enjoys it a lot more than expected and asking me to continue writing like this. normally i just write about tech tutorials or make weird and unnecessary artwork).

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robot_m2k: system("Robot.bat")
robot_m2k: Good morning. How did everyone sleep?
user: Terrible, please let us out.
robot_m2k: No.

All of my love to fight this, 
Today, Robot_IO_A1 will fall.
Affray robot Affray.

Before we start todays mission, I want to say I love you.
I know at the end of this we will be together.
I just think last time was so vivvid, they turned you into a robot.
I remember the smell, your face looked like burned leather.

It’s fake, we are fine, everything is okay. 
Maybe the robot this time won’t need the survey.
It’s okay, perhaps they will let us stay.

robot_m2k: system("IFthenELSEend_x1.bat")
robot_m2k: Good luck user.
user: How about you can go f_____
user2: Baby don't get blocked, I need you today.
Transmission ended.
robot_m2k: system("Augmented_Reality.bat")
robot_m2k: system("Find_user.bat")

We need to be sure we take a photo this time.
Please remember.
Blue light, and we are back like nothing happened.
Will we be okay this time?

robot_m2k: system("Find_user_v2.21.bat")
Success, activating Search and Find.
robot_m1k: system/activate+*~>[
robot_m2k: system/mission+>[844223;Augmented Reality;Find Users;Terminate]

Have you see it yet? The robot is in bloom.

No, we wait. We watch. And only assume.
It bears armor, fangs, eyes… we assume, they call it Koch…

It moves fast, we assume, and you and I…
We are on death watch.

No one has seen the robot, so no one knows.
Allow me to parry — it could very well not be that scary.

What if it’s simply miss understood, different, unique,…
There in the dark. We see it.

It seems to far. Can you see it from here?

No, it’s moving too fast. 
All we hear is the ocean.
Maybe I should go in for a closer look, before we part.

Let me grab my camera.

Hurry it’s running again.
Our hands shake, as we pull out our cameras and started to panic.

Hold steady you tell yourself, this will over soon.
Let it be the time we have the upper hand.
Or did we start too soon.
I can’t take losing you again.

That’s when we realized there are too many.

They changed the rules, we thought we were getting closer…

robot_m2k: system("voice_v2.bat")
robot_m2k: Not even barely.

The green light takes you with, we didn’t run fast enough. 
There’s too many.
Robots, and you, my love… 
I don’t know if it will be the same.

The water grew quiet, and the ocean ran steady.
It’s about to happen, the call of the number.
Cover your ears, “IFELSETHEN”, we need to run if you’re ready.
Before the END, we will see each other after the blue light.

You clammer to throw hands over you ears, just do your best not to shout. You know the blue light clicks on right before the lights start to turn out. 
We sometimes joke while eating our rations, given to us by Robot_X13five. That maybe the blue light is the solution.. We just need to find out.
That’s the one nice thing about this, and how we live our lives now.
Is it my fault, did we depend on them too much? 
Is it wrong to allow?

Koch whispers, “Ifthenelse.” 
That was the key, now our systems start failing
And start to fall in sync.

It wasn’t like this before, when life was more simple.
Before we were all so &&$#&*&*@**&@38732connected

Before the robots took over, now life is no more complex than a thimble.

We are sorry it ended this way, I know you want to blame us.
We simply needed help, not a hand to feed us.

“IFTHENELSE” roared like a lion as our thoughts disappeared.

Our arms started to shake. 
We cover our ears to keep from making the Boolean correct.

If then else…

We felt like we were running, but it was already too late.
For we are all robots… The lights started to fade.
My breath grew heavy.
Barely any light was visible after the last flash, we are blind.

Now my eyes don’t feel so heavy.
I reach for my camera, as it pixelated into thin air.
I gasped one last time for air.

If… Then… Else…END
Zzzz. Z…Zap, click. Our hands slapped to the side.
You could hear a definitive clink.
My legs are metal, and the world started to shrink.

system/mission+>[844222;Augmented Reality]

Why are we metal? 
Are we one of them too?
If I’m not me.
Than who am I?

Strange, now back again in the forest.
We are running and they just follow.

I stop to gain your attention.
What if we have the power?

I try to think of a time you would remember. 
A time that would make sense.

Where are we now…
This is not what I imagine.
She grows scared.
The robots are following.

Are we awake? Are we still on the beach?
Am I holding the camera? 
Are we running in a forest?
I grab for my camera, and started to shoot.

This was the first time we were in control.
We have what we needed.
We didn’t talk about what’s next.

Small lives robots sit at the buffet to develop, 
A warm Poem emerges.

system/mission+>[844211;Augmented Reality]

The walls close in, robots see us.

84411 — The robot reality will pause now to envelop.

The comfort of the blue/./asdjkasdlakHF;aopi 90tweut8uoa

System error 182318 {error handling}
system/mission+>[844222;Augmented Reality]

Did we go back to the beginning?
Take another picture.

Then like a thunder.
It grew silent.

system/mission+>[844000;Augmented Reality;archive]

This doesn’t make sense.
Did I know you as a child.

Our environment started to fade.
And flicker on and off. 
Like a strobe light.

There you are again my love.
Maybe we only have a little time left.
I’m glad to be stuck in this robot world with you.
I love you Isabelle, for all that we have left.

Although I may feel distant, know we live in your eyes lest.

robot_m2k: system("delete.setting_1")

We are at home, I’m laying over there, relaxing.

Pictures were taken, eyes closed, robots and your photos.
Robots in your photo, the camera — robots.
Connected to the photos, the experience…

system+>[844020;Augmented Reality;archive]

We are living our experiences.
With every memory.
Every photo.

system+>[844021;Augmented Reality;archive]

Are we back?


Why do the robots send us here?

I don’t know… I was just thinking about it and here we are.

I closed my eyes.
Do you remember the time we went to the aquarium?
“Yes,” you answered in my head.

You were always so good with the camera. 
I wonder if the robots are just misunderstood?
Maybe before was a mistake. Errors…
Come to think of it. I’m feeling more awake.

Did I ever show you this? Look at him go.
He’s much faster in our memories.

Remember the robots did this.
Maybe this is a virtual limbo.

You love those jellyfish.

Oh sorry, did you want to go back?

Please, you pick the journey, that’s what it’s all about.

A jellyfish.
A star.
No robots.

“*ifthenelse*”, we heard it echo.
They aren’t that far out.

I don’t want to run this time. 
Rather I want to watch your story.
I’m tired of playing a victim to the robots, let’s take advantage of it instead.

It Reminded me of a time. Here look, go ahead.

We look for ones on to us.
But they are away, not biologic.
Also, not judas.

You don’t need to look over your shoulder.
Just delete the source folder.