The Start of Something New

I’ve been toying around with starting a “one-a-day” series for a while now. Seeing the progression of work from others that have done it has always been very inspiring, but I was never in a position where time allowed for it. Having graduated from school, my schedule has been opened up a bit, and with the newfound free time, filling it with something professionally productive seems like a no brainier.

Inspired by Jonathan Quintin’s Made You Look series, I’m starting this little exercise as a way to broaden my application of design fundamentals, challenging myself to create expressive layouts and interesting designs while hopefully remaining expedient throughout the process. Ideally I’d like to make this a daily fixture, but I can’t promise that I’ll always have time for it. If you’re interested in following its progression, they’ll be posted upon their completion on my Instagram (@TyluhL).

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