Wow, your kid is so smart. No, really.

The King of Sarcasm, Chandler Bing

The origins of sarcasm and how it evolved to sarcastically telling your children to f*ck off in a parenting, loving kind-of way.

First of all, where did sarcasm come from?

Sarcasm is present in nearly every verbal language, from the Vikings’ Old Norse to ancient Egyptian texts. Specifically, the Book of Exodus, when the people, complained, and ungratefully may I add, to Moses, “Did you lead us out here to die in the desert because there weren’t enough graves in Egypt?” …

Do you already know what you want to buy online? Maybe, it’s new golf khakis that your drunkle spilled PBR on. Or, delivery for food because you’d rather give $10 extra dollars to the guy who ate your fries on the way over to give them to you. Whatever it is, the company is probably using its advertising efforts to get what they want to sell you, in front of you. Our current advertising spectacle is ran on machine learning processes that are hosted by top platform companies such as Adobe, Google, and Amazon. …

This is, objectively, a quick and painless tutorial to reap the benefits of Google Tag Manager on any limited content management systems. For this example, I’ll be using 3dCart since this is the platform available to me. I explain this from a perspective of someone trying to clean up previous tracking code snippets and then explain the titling objective.

I won’t say that this tutorial is exactly for beginners, but it isn’t needed by an advanced user either. If you’re familiar with linking up Google Analytics, or generally know your way around injecting code snippets or tracking pixels, you’ll be…

140-character limits, 60-second video limits, Tinder, Bumble, AirBnB, images that can only be viewed once before being stored into an abstract datadrive that supposedly doesn’t exist. These are reactions to the exponential advancement of information sharing. We have become so apprehensive about missing out on content en masse, that we have restricted an individual’s ability to create it. As a consequence, content consumption has entered a state of passivity, rendering us into boredom within our pseudo culture.

More of Less. Less of More.

After the emergence of connecting with people online instantaneously, we were required to seek after revolutionary ways to communicate with one another. These…

Coming to an end or just coming to terms? The automation of design.

Diego Rivera @ Detroit Institute of Arts, 1933. He paints this “machine” similar to the Aztec deity, Coatlicue, goddess of both creation and war that demanded human sacrifice. I think it warns the idea of building something that automates and replaces human in labor, causing disruption in the order of society and allowing the machines to quite literally “rise” over humans.

It’s Already Here.

From an intern’s grub work to the creative director’s final input, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do it for us. It can endlessly search for widows at the end of paragraphs to correct and it can decide which color palette will produce a higher engagement rate online.

It’s been in the back of our minds (soon in them), and if it hasn’t, then you won’t see it coming. AI threatens nearly every single industry with automation. We’ve seen it in the car plants of Detroit and in growing…

VideoSeller /

There’s comfort in following conformity. You feel less at risk of f***ing up. You feel leveled with your peers, going through the similar pitfalls, hoops and highs alongside them. Altogether, going into college right after high school, doing the X amount of years, and landing a job with financial security is the linear progress of life that most seem to gravitate towards.

Unless, you’re like me. Actually, I was fortunate enough to attend college, but it (the financial aspect) wasn’t for me after just one year. And, not by choice.

I’m a first-generation born Filipino raised in Midwest, US. Raised…

Tyler Luce

Communication Design I like philosophy, design, science, information, humans, and writing observations down.

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