Sunday Night Musings

The first five days of my latest attempt to establish a facade of healthiness have come and gone without much ado.

Included in that was the first of three 21st parties this month where the only splurge was a piece of, as I was later informed, imported double chocolate Belgium mudcake (which was completely worth it).

It has suprised me that, despite the wafted scents of the Colonel’s best chicken greeting me after work everyday, the thing I am most struggling with is trying to stick to 1200 calories in a day and still funtion semi-productively.

Which the warden, and many others, have already yet again labelled, ‘completely fucking idiotic’.

Take today for example. I consumed a banana, weetbix, seafood extender (a weird item to eat standalone I know, but I’ve always been that way), cornflakes and 20g of my favourite bland popcorn yet the calorie count still hit 1200.

If it wasn’t for the continued results it would almost bring me to tears.

As of 10pm today my weight is 102.9kg and is steadily dropping from the original 109.6kg back when I found the path of righteousness and saw the light.

Of course, it’s no where near where I want to be, but I’m heading in the right direction and semi-enjoying getting there. (Or at least pretending to for the warden’s sake).

The ventures outside of weight loss are still proving stubborn though.

Apparently I’m 2% fluent in French, according to the nifty app duolingo, but unless you want to know that an apple is red you’d be barking up the wrong tree trying to get a phrase out of me.

Chess strategy and skill still elludes me aswell, I can’t even get close to beating the medium setting on the app and even lost a game in 3 moves.

All in all a good start, spirits are high and hunger is bearable. For now.

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