Let's all make hyper-generalizations!

(Originally published April 2012.)

As programmers, we often like to generalize code as much as possible - it saves tremendous work in the long run.

However, with several billion logic gates in their heads, humans are rarely simple as a code project. So I’m continually amazed when sites like the 501 Manifesto rise to the top of social media sites.

Yes, it’s an interesting idea, and I’m sure it appeals to many people. But statements like this are stupid -

If you:
Write a technical blog
Contribute to open source projects
Attend user groups in your spare time
Mostly only read books about coding and productivity
Push to GitHub while sitting on the toilet
Are committed to maximum awesomeness at all times, or would have us believe it
…we respect you for it. There’s probably some pity in there too, but honestly, it’s mostly respect.

(Emphasis mine.) You pity me for doing what I enjoy? If anything, I pity the author who doesn’t find that their work and hobbies are the same. I enjoy contributing to open source projects, it has nothing to do with some sense that I need to work.

Programmers: I understand that some of you have a desire to generalize. But please, understand that not everyone is like you.