Fall in love with your favorite songs all over again.

As a singer, I love to listen to covers on YouTube that inspire me, and as no surprise, there are quite a few! The talent on there is ridiculous and It’s almost impossible to choose, but listed below in no particular order are some of my favorites and why.

1. “Only One” (Original by Kanye West Ft. Paul McCartney) covered by Sarah Close

I love this cover because it is raw, beautiful, and simplistic. Sarah sings effortlessly and helps to drive home the message behind the song, and its lyrics. This cover is absolutely breathtaking, and the piano adds just the right touch.

2. “Girls Love Beyonce” (Original by Drake) covered by Will Heard

Will Heard has a wonderfully raspy and warm tone that fits incredibly with the bluesy guitar and soulful rendition of the original hip-hop song. His rendition is incredibly colorful with just the right amount of embellishment. All is done sitting outside in what seems to be an alley, impressive much?

3. “Do I wanna Know” (Original by The Arctic Monkeys) covered by Hozier

I love this cover! It is hauntingly beautiful. The echoed in harmonies of the background singers and demure instrumental compliment his voice perfectly. Wait till the end when the round of voices comes in, it will haunt you in the best way. I really enjoy when covers do something inventive and different from the original and Hozier did an amazing job of making this song true to his sound and his own.

AND THAT BRINGS ME TO #4 with a little bonus for you

4. “Blank Space/ Style” (Both Originally by Taylor Swift) Mashed Up and Covered by Louisa Wendorff with Devin Dawson

Okay, I guess I’ve made it pretty clear by now (check out my post Look What You Made Me Do… Taylor), it takes quite a bit to convince me to like a Taylor Swift song. Now trying to impress me with two mashed together, next to impossible. But the extremely talented duo above has done the impossible. Their mashup of the similarly themed songs Style and Blanks Space are everything these songs should have been. Filled with emotion and sweet sweet harmony. The angelic sound of Louisa’s voice next to Devin’s effortless harmonies is everything. While the bad boy rasp Devin adds to his parts in style versus Louisa’s heart aching telling of blank space earns this cover the right sound and approach for this mash-up.

And for a bonus…

Magic/Adore You(Magic Original by Coldplay and Adore You by Miley Cyrus)

An unlikely mash-up by the same duo above. Check it out for yourself!

I hope these covers inspire you as they do me, or just give you a new way to fall in love with your favorite songs all over again.