Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor

Taylor Swift finally released a new single, Look What You Made Me Do and I know the “Swifties” have gone totally nuts for it! Hysterics have broken out all over social media celebrating the return of the beloved T Swift.

Literally hysterical…

But for those in the minority like myself, I can’t help but wonder Taylor Swift is just testing the limit of her fandom’s undying love with this new “hit single”. I’ve never been a “Swifty” as I think she’s always been given a little more credit than due. To me, her songs suffer from a lack of originality and her vocals are average at best. However, I can appreciate the catchy-ness and still get down to some Bad Blood on the weekends (mostly thanks to Kendrick). But, come on guys…really?! Is there anyone who is as unimpressed and slightly horrified by this song; and even more so by its growing popularity?

NO, REALLY. ANYONE?!(Haim and Shonda, I’m so disappointed in you. Heidi…kinda what I expected.)

Well, I guess I’ll say it…

The song is just no good. If you can get beyond the uninspired lyrics and even worse cliche electro-pop instrumentals, the message behind the Billboard Hot 100 list-maker (extreme eye roll), can’t even save this sinking ship. Her attempt to drop the old Taylor’s reputation backfires when her entire music video was made to throw shade. She brought her’s and other’s drama to light in a very public way. That is so old Taylor (See Bad Blood, all about her feud with Katy Perry, see also her myriad songs wringing out all her ex- boy- toys dirty laundry). To her defense, they say write about what you know and she knows about being the center of conflicts among the Hollywood elite.

To be honest, I truly can’t believe givin her lengthy hiatus and with her all-star crew of music professionals and song writers, that this is the best she had to offer. I’m not saying she should have reinvented the wheel or anything, but at least put some air in the tire. What I mean is, she is serving the same dish with a new name. The sound hasn’t changed, the message hasn’t either. While virtually all music borrows from other songs, genres, artists and so on, for a song to be this loved and praised I would think it should have something more unique and inspiring to hang on to. This №1 Billboard hit, 16- plus weeks running, suffers from a lack of originality and sadly reflects the direction pop music is heading. With so many talented artists coming up with their own original music, why do we keep celebrating Taylor for putting out her same-old tired, mediocre, pop “hits”.

In the end, the Taylor Swift fandom will continue on loving her and celebrating all that she does. I will most likely reamain on the sideline wondering how she does it. But, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, she knows how to command an audience.

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