In the age of “dark mode”, how can websites and applications adapt to platforms that change?

People were excited when Apple announced dark mode on Mac this year. Dark mode is nothing new; dark mode has been supported on other operating systems and integrated into many applications for years now. As “dark mode” becomes more prevalent application and website developers are tasked with building software that supports it.

Blending In

Customization has always been a part of software. People react emotionally to color and identify with their favorites. The push for dark mode is one part customization and one part optimization.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nuxt or Vue I recommend reading my previous post on the topic to get started.

Design Tokens

Often times when designing we use systems meant to extend throughout an entire application. CSS makes it easy to do this with design tokens but in component based JavaScript frameworks like Vue & React, CSS is often distributed by default.

There are a couple of different ways to get around this. You can store your tokens in a higher-order component like a page or layout. You can also create a CSS/SCSS file in your assets folder and link to it in…

Communities in rural Tanzania depend on water pumped from wells — but keeping the water pumping isn’t easy.

A woman carries water in Tanzania, via Flickr

It’s easy to forget but every day clean water is pumped straight into our homes, while cell service providers beam overlapping signals to ensure we stay connected. But in Tanzania, neither of these things are a given — parts of the country lack well-developed plumbing and consistent cellular service. WellDone is a non-profit trying to help underdeveloped parts of Tanzania by building hardware that keep wells pumping clean water.

Prototyping is the second-measure in product design. I’m sure you’re familiar with the old adage “measure twice, cut once” — and if you aren’t prototyping, you aren’t measuring twice.

The main goal of prototyping is to get feedback from users faster. If you can approximate a product and still get positive feedback, you know you’re on the right path. Secondly, the act of prototyping forces you to describe the product in transitions, rather than in states. States are static snapshots of a product, representing a single point in time — transitions are everything in between.

The natural transition for a…

As more televisions become “smart”, local broadcasters are looking at how they can translate & expand their TV experiences.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t convince anyone that this was the right direction.

Globalization has turned our attention outward, empowering multi-national publications & leaving home-grown institutions behind. Yet for much of the United States, local news is still preferred. Local anchors & meteorologists are trusted sources of information — and rightly so: they have unparalleled access. Frankly builds tools that give local broadcast journalists an edge.

The Problem

“Cord-cutters” and Smart TV owners, once fringe groups, began to swell in the mid 2010’s with the advent of cheaper & more sophisticated technology. By 2016, most popular programming was available without a cable bill — but local broadcasting lagged behind. …

The previous Article can be read here!

As a designer, tracking work is a f#%king nightmare. The hype surrounding Abstract, which launched earlier this year, was not misplaced. Git has always sounded dreamy, and while I’ve had some experience with it, a lack of workflow makes it difficult to break into.

I recently launched a website using GitHub Pages, which was pretty effortless. In doing so, i managed to use Terminal to clone the repository, make changes locally, create commits and push those changes back up to master.

I’ve used git before but things get rusty when you don’t use…

I’ve been attempting to teach myself to replace my design tools with code over the past year using Codepen and online tutorials to mild success,. I started this Medium series to keep track of my progress and hold myself accountable. I’ll return here to update and formalize any mistakes or errors so that this can turn into a reliable “how-to” document.

I now feel confident in my ability to structure HTML, style websites with multiple styling languages and understand the fundamentals of React. I lack a strong understanding of Computer Science and JavaScript

Codepen has been a godsend for me…

I had a lot of fun keeping track of this last year, so excited to kick this off again this year. I’ll be returning to this throughout the year to add — or remove — albums that stay in rotation.

Black Moon, by Yazmin Lacey

Not quite an album, but an impressive solo flight from Yazmin. Lacey’s voice dances with the instrumentation, keeping your attention, but not distracting you. Great attention to album programming — excited to hear more from Yazmin.

Favorite Moments: Love the way she twists the title of The Sun is Ours in closing the EP.

Mental Caverns Without Sunshine, The Caretaker (2011)
A Flame My Love, a Frequency, Colleen (2017)

This post is just beginning, check back for updates. You can subscribe to the playlist here.

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Last updated August 12th 2017.

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