Programming Bootcamp Day 1

I am here to write to myself and share my first day in a all immersive programming bootcamp called Devleague. Well, let me start by saying what a hell of a first day in a good way. My day started around 9am as I arrived at the MIC center. I met all my instructors and fellow classmates and all shared a little about ourselves. It was refreshing that we all kinda had the same background in the sense of experience and school. Most of us including the instructors all started off with little too no experience with coding and most agreed that traditional schooling failed them just as it has me. I always wanted to learn about coding but hated school cause it’s filled with to much useless information. I only wanted wanted to learn what was interesting to me and work in a hands on manner. So I started just teaching myself the basics to start to understand this vast ocean of information. But, just like anything new it was very hard to grasp certain things and didn’t know what to focus my attention on. After a lot of research I started to find great online interactive programming sites that teach you a variety of information relating to front end development. So after a few months of trying to teach myself javascript, html, css, and other languages I had made little headway. I was just overwhelmed with information and how to use different applications and programs. So I started checking out programming bootcamps and liked what their way of teaching. I’m by no means a genius when it comes to learning. I’ve always needed someone to dumb down subjects to me in a way that I could understand them. These schools offered exactly that with incredible outcomes for students. I recently moved to Hawaii to finish my CS major at UH but already wasn’t liking their structure. So in my search for bootcamps turned up Devleague. This school offered similar structure to other bootcamps in SF area but was first of its kind in Hawaii. So I said what the hell i’m going to apply.

The admissions process was definitely challenging. They gave me a coding project with a deadline to finish. So, I again started teaching myself more coding to try and figure out how to solve this program. After a week or so of not sleeping and tireless trial and error I had finally solved it. This was the first time I felt like I actually learned something. After review of my project I was given an offer to enroll in the next cohort. I was very happy and excited to finally start learning what I wanted to. After accepting my offer to Devleague, I ended up walking away from UH. I made this decision after researching job qualifications in this field. My research had lead me to one decision, you don’t necessarily need a college degree. Most employers only cared about what you can do and its obvious through your portfolio. I’m all in now, no turning back.

Prior to starting the cohort, I had been prepping for almost a month just non stop coding. I felt like I retained about 5% of everything I read and was kinda worried I was not going to make it. Jump back to day 1, the instructors took that worry away from me. There are no dumb questions, you don’t know something you ask, and therefore learn. The first day we covered half the basics of javascript and took me almost a whole month to learn by myself. Get this, it actually made sense to me and i did retain some knowledge after all. The structure of the days are amazing. Small lecture with hands on demo then straight to programming challenges to solidify what we covered. The day ended with a big relief knowing that I can succeed in this if I put all I have into it. The day ended around 8pm and headed home to do it all over tomorrow.

After I graduate, I hope to start working right away as a junior developer in any way that I can. I have so many interests in this field that I want to learn it all. I would like to get in with a small company that will mentor me a little and make me into a even better developer. This nice this with this field is you can never stop learning. There is always something new to learn or another way of doing something better. After finishing this class I will use the foundations that I built to learn other programming languages and applications to open up more doors to me.

My dream job would be working as a remote developer so that I can just travel and do my work from wherever I may be. I know that this is totally possible and many developers do this. One of the perks of working in this industry. For now, I will just keep working my ass off staring at a computer for 12+ hours a day soaking information. After that, it’s all up to me where I land. One thing I do know is that I can never put down that keyboard or I will be giving up everything I have been working for.