Holy Shit, I Interviewed the President
Hank Green

I agree with you on the bias in the news, but I don’t necessarily see a bias as a bad thing. Especially if the bias comes from a legitimate reason or experience. For example, someone who has been bullied in high school would be more likely to understand and support policies against bullying than someone who has never experienced this. The issues aren’t as black and white as you paint them.

I do, however, agree that many young people trust you as a legitimate news source. I don’t believe that this necessarily illegitimizes another news source. YouTube is just one outlet from which to find news. No one place is necessarily better than another. I could have a channel on YouTube, where I film myself at my kitchen table, and say the same things as Fox News. Does that make me more or less legitimate? I believe the real issue is facts, not were they come from or how they are presented.

I’m with you on educating youth though! They need a great bull crap detector to live in this world.

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