How to write mathematics on Medium

The same post as seen on two different devices. The text in the image doesn’t scale with the main text.
var svg = document.getElementById('svg')
var svgNS = svg.namespaceURI
function addAttributes(elt, attr) {
for (var key in attr) {
elt.setAttribute(key, attr[key])
return elt

function add(eltName, attr) {
var elt = document.createElementNS(svgNS, eltName)
if (attr) addAttributes(elt, attr)
return elt
var myStyle = {stroke: '#666', fill: 'transparent'}
var circle = add('circle', myStyle)
addAttributes(circle, {cx: 50, cy: 50, r: 10})



Founder of Unbox Research. Machine learning engineer. Previously at Primer, Medium, Google.

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