Tracking Down an ETS-related Memory Leak

Tyler Pachal
Sep 27 · 7 min read
A callback which eventually gets call by Brod to handle Kafka messages. Looks simple, but there is a memory leak here!
DataDog: memory consumption is very high
Datadog: Most memory being using by Binaries, not ETS
Example of :erlang.memory/0 in action
# Inside the machine# Find the CONTAINER ID of your Elixir service
$ docker ps
# Enter inside the container
$ docker exec -it <CONTAINER_ID> bin/bash
# Start a remote_console, you maybe have to set other args and change the path to the binary
$ /opt/app/bin/my_service remote_console
Using :observer_cli while attached to a service in production to get memory information about each process
Using :recon.bin_leak/1 to see the top memory offenders

Jason source code
An example showing that inserting into ETS will increase the reference counter of a binary. Annotated code version here.
An example of `:binary.copy` and the resulting binaries on the process

Datadog: The binary memory (dark blue) has stabilized, but now my ETS memory (light blue) is growing unbounded 😛

Tyler Pachal

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Software engineer at PagerDuty, working with Scala and Elixir.

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