Bringing Out Happiness by Clearing the Headspace

Tyler Penske
3 min readJul 8, 2020

Mental clutter is just as detrimental as physical clutter, and in the same way, one’s headspace is just as sacred as their physical space. However, since it is something that is not tangible, it often gets away unattended.

So Alice Inoue, an advocate of mental wellbeing, took it upon herself to help people clear their minds of any mental baggage, hindering them from moving forward. And together, they can restore that much-needed focus for a happier life.

Nationally acclaimed life expert, Alice Inoue, sets out on a quest to radiate positivity with her bright and sunny disposition. Deeply rooted in her mission of sparking mindfulness in others, she unveils her remarkable gift in writing through her long-running column in Hawaii’s largest publication — MidWeek. And as a leading authority in promoting mindfulness, she has guided thousands of organizations and individuals in their journeys toward transformation and awareness.

Aside from writing eight published self-help books, the award-winning author is also recognized for being the founder of Happiness U — an organization in Honolulu devoted to fostering joyful and meaningful existence. And for the past twenty years, Alice has succeeded in creating a community centered on growth and development.

Happiness U takes pride in being the sole wellness company that has a brick-and-mortar establishment grounded on the three pillars of mind, body, and spirit. With its integrated approach to the corporate mainstream, the company has aided over one hundred and fifty organizations, along with ten thousand individuals, by catering to their optimum advancement. Also, classes and seminars are carefully prepared such that they get to cover the full spectrum of personal growth, including life planning and soul mapping. And to ensure that no member in the community gets left behind, these coaching and training sessions can be done either in-person or online.

Alice noticed that while the modernization of things has brought convenience and efficiency, it has also come with severe consequences like unnecessary negativity, unreasonable drama, and excessive stress. Prompted by such looming dangers, she has carefully prepared Happiness U’s programs in a way that they can fully remedy the issues at hand. The founder explains that the company’s programs for organizations stimulate productivity, teamwork, and engagement. Moreover, Alice designs a positive mindset training that helps people find more ease and peace in their lives and teaches them how to cope with work-induced anxiety.

While Alice veers her works and projects toward individuals, she also goes for corporations and organizations that send out speakers and trainers for their respective company teams. She holds these companies in high regard because they have their employees’ best interests at heart. And through Happiness U, she shows the corporate world that she supports anyone who values communal growth.

And with the COVID-19 pandemic still raining on everyone’s parade, the corporate world is distraught with workers and employees who are struggling to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ Fortunately, Happiness U provides an avenue where seminars and classes are offered to aid companies in managing their people in the workplace with compassion. According to Alice, anything that is done from the heart is already done right.

To know more about Alice Inoue and her movement towards peace and happiness, you may visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.