$3 Art Project

Hi I’m Tyler Rassa, a student at Harford Community College currently taking Digital Foundations 2. When you are given three dollars, what do you normally do with it? Do you go buy three cheeseburgers at McDonalds, or maybe some candy at the local convenience store? Our task as a group was to make something valuable artistically with what little money we could use. My project, “Maker’s Money”, is what I made to tell a story of life and the role money plays in it. The flowers and their colors are used as symbolism for life (green) and death (purple). The money connected to the green flower represents the money passed down to you from your ancestors, while the money connected to the purple flowers represents the money you pass down to your children. The path of money between is meant to be the money you gain over your life, with the sad fact being that you can’t take any of it with you to the afterlife. This project and all the other projects are a tribute to show that beauty in art has no price, and in this case, beautiful art cost just $2.99 plus tax.

Early Version of the project

This was early on, when we were tasked to make something in one week out of three items that cost only a dollar. My choices of item to make a powerful piece was a halloween basket, flowers, and a fake money set.

My project v2

This was the next version of the project, where I added the money on the pathway and put money on the flowers, to better symbolize what I wanted. We were also tasked with finding out the history or symbolism of our items. Doing this gave me a better understanding of how I wanted my project to be viewed.

The green flower representing life
The purple(ish) flowers representing death

Adding the money to the flowers was very different for me in terms of thinking how to integrate them together. These flowers represent death and passing down your money when you die to your children.

My receipt from the Dollar store

Finally, here’s the receipt that started it all.

With that being said, please feel free to share your thoughts on my work and what it may mean to you!

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