The Superpower of reading Microexpressions

By understanding each of the 7 microexpressions, we will be better able to communicate, develop empathy and have an overall better understanding of others.

After my personal interview, I realized that being able to read someone’s microexpression will set me apart from others. It is not something that everyone does or even something that everyone knows about. I realized that by paying attention to others, I can change my response to better reflect and empathize with them. This increases my ability to connect and communicate with others.

My presentation starts by explaining what a microexpression is and why it is important. I then explain the benefits and give example of the types of microexpressions. I also discuss what to look for and show slides of each difference.

The main goal is to help the audience understand the importance of pay attention to microexpression and see the differences every day. In addition, for them to realize how they can use it not only to improve their everyday communication skills but to use it in their business careers.

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