Post Bloc Journal contd…

Oh how the weeks fly by when you’re busy.

The past month has been a blur of late nights and extra work, with the goal of not letting my current job get in the way of my future goals.

First up, as for the events I’ve gone to nothing has come as far as interviews but seeds of networking have been planted and hopefully something may sprout.

The first event I attended was a “try before you apply” at the Nerdery. I’ve followed their work since college when I thought UX was too smart and complicated for me to try, and it’s refreshing to feel competent enough to one day apply there. The event was fun, I got to tour their office and then they invited everyone to stay for happy hour and I passed my business card around and got to meet some of their employees and have a beer. They currently are not looking to add a designer, but it was still nice to see the place and meet some folks.

The next event I attended was a alumni meet up for my alma matter, U of I. This event ended up being more of a presentation of the graduating class of this year, so not so much in terms of job possibilities, but it was nice to see old professors and see how the new class was.

Next up, my friend is a HCI student at DePaul and is hosting an event in a week and I’ll be attending that. It should hopefully help in meeting more folks and possibly be a good side door to have like you suggested. Additionally, I appreciated your suggestion for school events and this seemed to be a good mix of people I know, and the school event.

Lastly, in my online presence, I’ve set up my behance page.

These are more unpolished works that I personally enjoy and can be good conversation starters if the person who views them has a shared interest (as my homebrewing interest got my foot in the door at my current position.

as for this week’s random section,

I know we both love beer, so this week I tried my hand at brewing mead. It’s actually very easy if you’re ever interested and feel like taking on yet another DIY project. All you do is dissolve honey in water (3 lbs per gallon makes for around a 15 percent mead) and then pitch the yeast. After fermentation you can add any fruits or extra flavoring you’re feeling might taste good. Then….. you wait 6 months to a year. Patience is a virtue as they say haha.

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