Post Bloc journal pt. 2

This week’s post is a bit shorter, so hopefully easier to digest.

What I’m currently working on for my personal work is starting on my resume and fleshing out my site. I’m still not proud of it’s state currently, but I’ll be pushing it up sometime towards the end of the week so you can get your eyes on it.

A majority of my time the past week was working on relating the job subject to my parents. They’re still pretty strong about needing to stay at one place for a time longer than 3 months, but they’re also being more open and understanding to my long term goals and how my current role isn’t the best fit for both what I want to be doing in 2 years, and what you and they both believe I’m worth financially. That and I’ve been pulling a looooooooot of extra hours lately so they can see how the print world can be draining on me. It’s honestly been hours of talking to them but they’re coming around and understanding more of the design world.

What I most want to talk about in our talk is the backdoor/ sidedoor method to a search. I don’t really have any experience in meet ups outside of college so getting some info on where to start could be really helpful for me. Additionally, I’ve been thinking on how to represent myself at those. I know you’re not a fan of business cards, but I’m wondering what I can do so people remember me/ my site and how they can find me in a random meeting situation.

This also rounds back to the logo quagmire. Im still feeling they are overplayed for designers, and unless it’s perfect and innovative, I think they’re kinda meaningless and usually just someone’s initials in their favorite font. Additionally, I still think I should change my domain but I’d also like to get your thoughts.

Now for random thoughts section

thought the first

I really, strongly, truly, another passionate adjective feel that this journaling is really helpful. It makes everything you’re working on come into perspective and can be cathartic when you’re stressed on what you’re working on and need to get your thoughts out. I also think this could be helpful to current bloc students and might be beneficial to their curriculum.

thought the second

amazon go looks insane, and I don’t envy the back end people who had to figure that out. Should be interesting to see how it plays out and how they deal with the inevitable bugs because I can see sooooo many people being charged for something they put back or able to accidentally or unintentionally steal something.

thought the third

not sure if you’re into audiobooks, but I know you’re a star wars fan like myself so if you are, check out some of them. I’m an old man internally so I just listen to books on the train but star wars takes it to the next level and they always have sound effects and music in the background of their books.

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