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Today marks my first foray into learning the Alexa skills kit, which is incredibly exciting to me as a designer.

All my instincts when creating are based on my history and previous education. Aka it’s all visual. I’ve been drawing since I could hold something that could make a mark on a surface, and have been obsessed with visual design since college. Therefor it might seem strange taking on a project that doesn’t result in anything visual.

It’s actually for that very reason why I wanted to tackle the Alexa Project. I love to learn, and the best way to do that is to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and whats more out of a visual designer’s comfort zone?


And not just any code, but javascript that results in zero visual changes into a project.

What I was surprised to find however, after reading the amazon tutorials is that there wasn’t much to be scared of, at least yet.

What was great about this assignment was that it was a tutorial, but allowed you to hack, prototype, and really just have fun. And for a dude who loves stupid trivia questions, what beats writing your own trivia questions based on dumb references you like?

So far, the process has been fun. The tutorial was incredibly descriptive and easy to follow and really left me itching to see what’s next and how I can play with the new tools amazon has developed.

I have no real solid questions for this project, but rather an overwhelming curiosity of where this can take me and what I can do with this new tool.

I honestly feel like Ron Swanson with a brand new spoke shaver, and I’m ready to dig in and hack some wood, er code.

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