6 Years and 4 Months. This Is Your Life.

You can always take more walks

I heard a statistic in class today. One that may be disturbing to some people and eye opening to others depending on how you have decided to live your life up to this point.

“You have a conscious life span of 6 years and 4 months.”

Your conscious life span is a measure of time telling how long you will spend in the moment, fully aware of life without distractions. How could this be possible? Out of the 16 hours a day we are awake how could we only spend 2 of them having a true experience? Predisposition is why, it is hard wired. Our brains are always finding ways to initiate our autopilot sequence that takes load and stress of the consciousness. We are always finding ways and reasons to check out. It is autonomous and we don’t do it on purpose. So to keep up with the general theme of this blog my advice is this, we need to fight back. We always need to fight for what we want. Fight your body’s tendency to store fat, fight your brains willingness to remain the same, fight your spirits desire to check out. Because without fight there is no growth and without growth your life span will always be 6 years and 4 months.

Have you ever realized just how slow time actually travels? Spend an hour on a treadmill and you will learn the full impact of a single minute. We find it achingly slow when we pay attention yet fleeting when we don’t. Before long you wake up and realize that your graduating, having kids, retiring. What happened to those treadmill minutes?

I hope to never look back with regret and wish I had read more books, tried more things, spent more time with loved ones, made more mistakes, or walked a little more on the treadmill (or outside for that matter). Because when I think about it, 6 years and 4 months doesn’t seem like enough time to fit everything I want in. So my only option is to increase my life span and spend more time as a conscious human being.

I am going to do something every single day to bring myself to the moment. I invite you to do the same, because there is only one way you can win a fight and that is by being proactive and throwing a few punches.


When it is all said and done I probably won’t remember writing this post, but I hope that the inspiration to write it made an impact on my life that allowed me to spend the majority of that life in the now.

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Originally published at tylersextontraining.wordpress.com on April 27, 2016.