The Weekly Six : 12/9/16

Five great hyperlinks (and one that’s just okay)

Tyler Stanton

This prevents the annoying handwriting feature from popping up EVERY TIME you accidentally rotate your iPhone while in the Messages app.

I just canceled a few magazine subscriptions because this article showed me how to read them for free on my iPad (anywhere), courtesy of our public library.

(Speaking of magazines, I’m trying to spend 10 minutes a day reading The Economist because I’m not very smart when it comes to the kinds of topics in said Economist, but it’s overwhelming as hell. This helped, specifically points 3–6.)

I don’t have a bookshelf, much less a reason to alphabetize it, but for some reason I couldn’t turn away from this video.

Here’s a lengthy Q&A (on Quora of all places) with Tim Urban, the creator and driving force behind one of my favorite sites on the Internet, Wait But Why.

No exaggeration here. The Brothers Green YouTube channel has literally changed my life (the other YouTube channel featuring interesting brothers with the last name Green). I’ve always been intimidated to do anything in the kitchen and these guys helped me overcome that. Start with their Beginner’s Guide to Cooking playlist.

Heard the Homecoming podcast yet? It’s like watching a really suspenseful, psychologically thrilling TV show with your ears. Every week. Like a non-Netflix TV show. Fantastic.

The Weekly Six is published every Friday, just like old times.

Tyler Stanton

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Suburban Dad with a YouTube channel (Tripp and Tyler) and a Podcast (Hosel Jockeys)

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