A lesson in self-talk

Don’t give a shit what people think of you.

I know it’s hard to do, but try. Throw your hands up and say, “Enough!” Aren’t you tired of the constant grind you put yourself through? The measuring up. Comparing. Stressing. Agonizing. Straining. Oppressing. Tormenting. Troubling. Vexing. Weighing. Wounding. Trying. Saddening. Racking. Plaguing. Pestering. Perplexing. Peeving. Nit-picking. Injuring. Hurting. Depressing?

Me too.

Let’s you and me imagine something. A strong and massive wave crashing, taking all those synonyms away. Every. Last. One.

Now all that’s left is you.

You the creator. You the artist. You the executive decision maker. The weaver of hope. The master of your mind. The chieftain. The dispeller of doubt. The minister of wonder. The giver of grace. You. The wonderful you … with no strings attached.


How does it feel?

Ditch the tiny troubles that you make into disasters. Lose the little worries that you make into migraines.

Replace them with something life giving. Something as simple sounding as self-esteem. Respect yourself. Admire yourself and when you talk in your own mind about you,

say love.