Dun Möch: You just can’t get through to some people

We like to fight about things on Facebook, don’t we? I mean in the past month alone, we have hopped from arguing about transgenders and sex offenders,

to unfit parents,

to gun control, etc.

And it just circles back around each time, doesn’t it?

It’s like, what actually is being solved here?

To what are all these words and opinions amounting?

Though we so often deny it, our reasoning behind expressing our opinion is ultimately to sway someone else’s.

It’s not just on Facebook.

We come up with these crafty words that make up devastating sentences.

And, if it’s crafty enough, we assure ourselves that not only are we right but that we are the spokesman for our cause.

We imagine that we are at the forefront of the battle and have just won a mighty victory as we speak or hit send.

But then, inevitably, there’s a come-back.

Someone disagrees,

adds to,

or finds an exception.

And now it’s time to duel.

So with that in mind, let’s go over lightsaber combat.

Now the Jedi use a set of seven different combat forms. Each form is designed to make up for what the other forms lack. They were developed over many generations by Jedi Masters. The main focus of all forms is to stay balanced with the force.

(The Phantom Menace, Lucasfilm)

I mean, who could forget the amazing scene where Qui-Gon Jinn kneels down behind the energy lock and meditates mid-battle against Darth Maul?

At the same time, what’s Maul doing?




and channeling all forms of hatred and anger.

This is what happens between the replies. We have the option to either meditate or pace.

And let’s remember, these forms were passed down on both sides. Young Jedi and Sith Apprentices were brought up to believe in their respective forms.

Back in our galaxy we do the same thing.

We bring up generations to believe what we do.

We instill morals, beliefs, customs, but also, forms of combat.

We have a desperate need to revamp our combat forms.

Many of us align with the Sith on this one. We begin a disagreement with a sense of focus and by the end of the battle, we are reeling. The Sith call it Dun Möch.

It’s goal? — To taunt and jeer at an opponent in order to break their balance with the force.

In our galaxy this translates to

straw-man arguments,

red herrings,

ad hominem,

and countless others.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad in our society that you can barely have a disagreement without running into one of these fallacies.

Our choice is simple; do we give in or stand strong?

Do we respond in anger or in meditation?

Red lightsaber or blue?

-The Ideas Guy



I do not own the picture featured or any names or likenesses of Star Wars. Disney and Lucasfilm hold the rights and ownership of Star Wars

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