Move past your fears

A lot of us are scared of failure, but then again, a lot of us aren’t doing enough to make sure we do not fail. I dread asking people who I know could help me achieve or give a helping hand to reach a goal, so I stay stuck in that same spot I found myself yesterday.

To get better is not only to self-help, but to get help from external sources. It wouldn’t kill you to ask for a piece of knowledge from someone who’s more experienced than you in your field. If pride is what you have, remember the old and very wise saying, “pride comes before a crash.” And the problem is you’ve crashed so many times that you’ve refused to crawl, walk, run and fly back to achieving your goals.

Nobody has ever died from asking for help. If you want to be better, know that knowledge lies somewhere outside yourself. Help comes not only from within, but also from those who are around you and sometimes, just a text or call away.

You’re not scared of failing because if you were, you’d know that no one ever got successful knowing it all and never asking for assistance.

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