A few things we’ve learned from our Kickstarter backers

Where in the world?

First, we were blown away by how widespread our supports are: 67 international backers from over 20 countries.

Coffee style

“How would you describe your coffee style?” 72 people indicated that they preferred light roasts with nuanced flavors (26%); 131 people selected medium, well-balanced roasts (47%); and 76 backers (27%) opted for dark roasts with a bold taste.

Brew method

When we asked how backers usually brew their coffee, almost twice as many said they typically use a pour-over method (such as a Chemex or V60) compared with any other technique, while traditional drip coffee and French press were neck and neck for second place.

Whole bean or ground?

The vast majority of respondents (241 of 279) indicated they usually buy whole bean coffee.

Purchasing channel

Remarkably, just 48 of 279 people (17%) reported the grocery store as their primary shopping outlet for coffee, with the largest number (145 or 52%) saying they usually buy coffee from a local coffee shop. Online was the second most popular channel at 25%, or 69 backers.


Most people reported spending either $10.00 — $13.99 (37%) or $14.00 — $17.99 (34%) for a 12oz bag of coffee.

Bags per month

Most people said they go through two 12oz bags (41%) of coffee or more per month at home.

We’re listening

Beyond survey questions, we’ve also learned a lot from direct feedback. You’ve told us that you want to see more dark roast and decaf options. You’ve said that you want an easy way to discover coffees you’ll enjoy without needing to have much “coffee expertise.” We’re listening!



Product @ Instacart • 2x Founder • Author

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Tyler Tate

Tyler Tate

Product @ Instacart • 2x Founder • Author