George Lee on Running Growth for a 500M+ User Social Network

The Law of Intentionality

Don’t grow until you have product market fit or can scale

Have your head of growth report to the CEO

Set a goal, but focus on your audience

  • Never used your product. Does the onboarding flow work? What are the sticking points?
  • Are new to your product. Facebook is known to have had a success metric set at adding “7 friends in 10 days,” for instance. What is a similar metric for your company, and how can you help people get there?
  • Use your product… but not really (e.g. maybe once a month when you want them to use it every day). You need to figure out how to get these people fully re-engaged with your product.
  • Used your product… and stopped. This is the hardest group to get back. Naturally, try to prevent people from ever getting to this stage.

The Law of Awareness

Have counter metrics

Fix forward

Be quantitative AND qualitative

The Law of Consistency

The psychology of roadmap frequency

Roadmaps beget roadmaps

Keep calm and carry on

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