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Tyler Tate
3 min readDec 4, 2015

Today is special. After months of preparation — from running a successful Kickstarter campaign in the spring, to breaking ground on our subscription marketplace platform this summer, to shipping over 1,000 bags of coffee during our private beta this autumn — today, is opening its doors to coffee drinkers across the USA.

The Brewlist (right) works like a Netflix queue for coffee.

10 years in the making

In a Geo Tracker on the side of a mountain, somewhere near Los Sabos, Costa Rica, 2006.

For me, it’s been a story long in the making. Some 10 years ago as a college student I spent a summer in Costa Rica, traversing coffee farms on remote mountainsides while talking to the farmers. I was struck by the care, attention, and effort that they exerted in cultivating their crop and stewarding the environment around them.

These visceral experiences stuck with me over the past decade. I’m enthused to now be working alongside Emily and Bryan, Leslie and Shawn, Guy and Dan, to help others experience these same sorts of connections with person and place, transforming coffee from a faceless commodity to a personal community along the way.

“Transforming coffee from a faceless commodity to a personal community…”

Coffee farmers featured on

A coffee journey

My journey as a coffee drinker has also progressed over the years. From my initiation of drinking Maxwell House with my granddad as a teenager (doctored with a healthy dose of condensed milk and sugar), to countless trips to Starbucks, to learning to appreciate the finer side of specialty coffee, I speak for many when I attest that my tastes in coffee have become more refined over time. I’m thrilled that is making it easier than ever before for people to get their hands on exceptional coffee: single-origin coffee from outstanding micro-roasters, arriving at your and my doorsteps just two or three days after roasting.

“Making it easier than ever before for people to get their hands on exceptional coffee…”

Thank You

In the nine months since became a company, we’ve been nurtured by many along the way. To everyone who supported us on Kickstarter, thank you for making the most successful coffee subscription Kickstarter campaign ever. To everyone who’s participated in our early beta, thank you for your feedback in helping us make a service that people love to use. To everyone who has shared our values of craftsmanship and community, quality and connection, thank you.

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To mark our first day in the wild, is on Product Hunt. But I need to ask for your help once more: please consider upvoting us on Product Hunt. Your upvotes will help spread the word about the coffee marketplace of the future — which has arrived, today. From all of us here at thank you!

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