New Feature: Happier Email

The private beta continued gaining momentum in September as we welcomed many new beta users. (If you’re one of our new members, it’s great to have you!)

Last month we rolled out new features including a one-click pause button and detailed order history. And now, we’re releasing a major email upgrade.

We have rethought, redesigned, and re-architected our emails to be more useful, more beautiful, and — hopefully — more enjoyable. All while aiming to provide you with the right information at the right time.

Here are some of the highlights.

Next Up

Two days before your next Brewlist order is due, you’ll get a quick heads-up email from us. It will show you the coffee next up, and give you a chance to update your Brewlist if you want to make any changes.

Order Confirmation

When your next coffee has actually been ordered, we’ll send you a confirmation email that doubles as your receipt, and includes a link to your order history.


Once the roaster ships your coffee, you’ll get a confirmation email that includes a tracking number so you can know exactly when to expect the delivery.


As soon as the Postal Service notifies us that your package has been delivered, we’ll tell you all about the coffee you just received: the tasting notes, a photo of the grower, the producer’s story. So when you’re brewing up that new coffee for the first time, you’ll have all the details close at hand. (I’m really excited about this one!)

Beyond these core emails, you’ll notice new messages when you pause or resume your brewlist, create an account, activate your Brewlist for the first time, and more. Throughout them all, we’ve included relevant images, fewer words, and contextual links where you would expect them.

We all get a lot of email; we want you to get excited when you receive these.

We’ve got some exciting new roasters and coffees to share with you soon! In the meantime, we’ve just started sending out invites to people who have put their name down on the waitlist (you can add yourself to the list below to receive early access). And we’re gearing up for a public launch next month.

Originally published on October 6, 2015.

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