Ratings: Remember the Coffees You Love

Tyler Tate
Jun 14, 2016 · 2 min read

This is the first of three product announcements we’ll be making over the next three weeks.

Have you ever sipped a coffee that blew your mind, but couldn’t remember which one it was a couple weeks later?

Some people keep taster’s notebooks for this very purpose, chronicling their experience for every wine or cheese they encounter. For the less studious of us, a simpler, less demanding memory aid would be even better. Enter today’s announcement.

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Exciting vs. Dull

We’ve just rolled out a highly requested new feature: personal ratings.

For every coffee you order through Crema.co, you can now give a straightforward thumbs up (“Exciting!”) or thumbs down (“Dull.”) — either you loved it or you didn’t.

And since only you can see your ratings, you can feel shameless in giving a coffee a thumbs down — no need to soften the blow on some 5-star scale (see XKCD’s Star Ratings comic).

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Rating invitation on the order history page.

Ratings, in Context

Once you’ve rated a coffee, you can then see that rating as you browse coffees on Crema.co.

This added layer of context helps remind you which coffees you may want to order again, which ones to avoid, and which ones you have yet to try.

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Bottom right corner icons indicate whether the coffees has been ordered (but not yet rated), liked, or disliked.

And when viewing a coffee detail page, you’ll see a prominent reminder of whether or not you liked that coffee.

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Never forget which coffees you loved.

Get sipping, get rating

If you’re already a Crema.co subscriber, you can get a head start by rating your previous orders now.

If you haven’t yet made the leap to getting your choice of roasted-to-order coffee shipped free from unique specialty roasters, head over to Crema.co to get started.

Go to the second product announcement in this series: The Brew Log: Your Coffee Palate, Visualized

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