City Project Week 1: Focus First

I’ve never really done anything like a blog before now, so I’m going to just jump right into it.

Tomorrow at 6 am we leave for NYC, one of the largest tourist locations in America and often considered one of the greatest cities on earth. I am certain that I will be in a different NYC than most vacationers who go there, as we will be in very low income areas filled with many Hindu and Muslim communities, several of whom were foreign born. Diving into the heart of their culture, we will be challenged to pray for them and tell them of the news of a savior, Jesus Christ. As in their cultures the aim is to basically try your best and hope you’re good enough for heaven. We will share with them that they no longer have to rely on themselves, but that through believing and abiding in Christ they are given a gift of eternal life.

Through the last four days or orientation, we have been taught on a variety of topics. Anything from personally building a relationship with God, to building community, to sharing our testimonies with others. Though all of these are very different applications, they all came back to the same basic principle: that Christ has died for our sins, and God came to us “while we were still sinners” and breathed live into us. We can have a relationship with God because Christ interceded for us, we can have a community of the “body of Christ” because Christ unites us as a family, and we all have testimonies because of the free gift of life we were given to now be able to walk in light.

On Friday morning our team went on a personal retreat to Duke Gardens, where we broke off and individually spent 3 hours in the Word by ourselves. During this time of prayer, meditation, and reflection I felt rejuvenated and a fresh mind focused on the Gospel. Remembering Romans 8:18, which reads

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

I was able to remind myself that though the situations we encounter may be uncomfortable and we may be denied time and time again, we can still rejoice in our salvation.

Since God loved us enough to give His only son for us, it’s the least we can do to give up our social comfort. Lord knows, that cross was not comfortable for Christ.

Please be praying for strength as the week goes on, and most of all for God will use our team to be glorified this week!!

Wishing the best for you all,

Tyler Thomas

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