2015: A Year in Photos

2015 was an exciting year full of adventures, travels and new experiences for me. Below is a collection of thirteen photos, one for each month and a bonus that I chose as my favorites of the year. Some taken with my camera and some on my iPhone.

JANUARY: The streets of downtown Manhattan after a winter storm.
FEBRUARY: A simple photo, but one of my favorite. Taken inside NYC’s Grand Central Station.
MARCH: Taken inside NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Even for non-art lovers, there’s something to see for everyone.
APRIL: Besides nature shots and landscapes, city scenes and street corners are my favorite. This is one from an April day in Manhattan.
MAY: A sunrise in Utah on one of my first adventures of the summer.
JUNE: Not necessarily my favorites to photograph, nor the easiest, but I find silhouettes to be fascinating shots. This is one of my sister Morgan, and boyfriend Jeronimo overlooking the Grand Canyon from an observation deck this summer.
JULY: After a few cross-country trips, I was fortunate enough to also head to Asia to visit my grandparents currently residing in the Philippines. New York to LA was the first leg of the trip and this photo was captured somewhere over southern California. The Virgin America American flag wing adds quite the appropriate touch.
AUGUST: The Philippines was such a new and thrilling experience for me. While I took many great photos, this was one of my favorite to share at the time. A moment captured in the rain through the window of a pedicab, or tricycle, one of the main forms of transportation in the Philippines.
SEPTEMBER: After summer adventures, it was back to New York City for school. This was a moment captured from the High Line in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan.
OCTOBER: For me, once I began to enjoy taking photos and capturing moments more and more as time went on, I began to get excited at random moments that I thought would be just awesome to capture, such as the one above. An evening walk through the 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan led me to this shot of a family taking in the view and sounds of the memorial.
NOVEMBER: As we all know, the world came together as one after the terrible attacks in Paris in November. This was a late afternoon shot of the 9/11 Memorial a few days after the tragedy.
DECEMBER: There’s no Christmas tree like the one in NYC’s Rockefeller Center, one of my favorite places in New York City, even though it is a main tourist destination. While usually crowded most “normal” hours of the day, you can get the view pretty much to yourself if you wake up early enough as I did before returning home for holiday/semester break.
BONUS: Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful moments to capture, although I usually don’t get the chance or real desire to. However this day in December I was in Lower Manhattan looking out at the Statue of Liberty and caught this picturesque sunset.
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