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Jonathan Borba via Unspash.

Hello, apologies in advance for the random email but I’m a massive fan of your work. I aspire to be a badass creative professional like you and think I could reach that level one day with the proper guidance. Can I buy you coffee and pick your brain?

Hey! I’m not sure if my first email conveyed how excited I am about potentially picking that big ole brain of yours! I can’t wait to learn what makes you tick and any tips to get the creativity flowing. (Plus, I would love some tips on how to make my Instagram cooler, too.) I mean, my own content is pretty good, but yours is straight up next level. …


Tyler Watamanuk

Tyler Watamanuk is a writer and producer of things. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, GQ, Vice, McSweeney’s, and others.

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