How do you really know that a new product is a failure?
Dave Rauschenfels

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It’s really hard to know. That’s what keeps entrepreneurs up at night ; ) I’ve used burner businesses as a tool to find clarity answering that question — and why I propose every entrepreneur should use one.

A burner business test won’t give you a pass or fail result at a conceptual level.

When you zoom into pivots — it’s usually smaller iterations of either changing your product to something customers say they want, or spending more time and money getting customers to adopt the product you created. Most of the time it’s a mix of both.

A burner business is a playground for trying those things without as much risk.

Facebook and Google as examples have longer runways then most entrepreneurs and small businesses. They have and can afford to develop products, bring them to market, and then determine them failures. This is despite the research, and perceived market demand I’m sure is found beforehand.

A burner business gives entrepreneurs clarity when they can’t afford those same failures.