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Before we get started with the article; I just wanted let you know about the two free Paleo Recipe books you can download. They are packed with great ideas and recipes… I’m sure you will love them! You can find them on my website www.healthyeating.com/paleorecipes (absolutely free guys)

Well… I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently about healthy eating and we got talking about the Paleo Diet… So I decided to write a few tips to share about what we were discussing.

30 Paleo Tips & Tricks to Live By

1. Plan out meals several days in advance. This is especially helpful when you are new.

2. Cook meat in bulk. The slow cooker is a great tool for this.

3. Dedicate time to prep your meals ever week.

4. Prep meals in advance. Chop up ingredients. Pre-portion for the week.

5. Well stocked fridge is key! Keep hard-boiled eggs, smoked salmon and chicken salad on hand.

6. Eat homemade broth regularly to boost your immune system and give you strength. Use it as a base for soups and stews, or drink straight from a mug.

7. Remember: this is worth the initial adjustment period. It really is. The reason we long-timers appear over-enthusiastic at times, is because we feel soooo much better.

8. Stick to you guns and you WILL be successful.

9. Don’t sacrifice better in the conquest of best.

10. Stop trying to be perfect. Instead be real about the journey.

11. Going paleo is not a ‘flip the switch’ decision for most. It takes time to adjust.

12. Take the time to remember why you are doing this, check in with yourself and be proud of the choices you have made.

13. Be proud, be passionate, and be prepared!

14. When you make dinner, make extra for lunch the next day.

15. Read labels.

16. Join Paleo facebook pages. The support and info on Facebook alone is amazing.

17. It all seems so overwhelming at first, but it is sooo worth it.

18. Take it one day at a time. It gets easier and it gets better.

19. Pick a new recipe or two, once a week to make for dinner. It helps avoid boredom at bay and keeps Paleo interesting.

20. Dinner leftovers for breakfast!

21. As far as substitutes go, do not look into how to substitute the food you once ate. No need to mourn the loss of food that makes you sick . Look forward to new horizons.

22. One of the hardest things about eating Paleo is the social pressure to eat junk. Always have a plan before going to social gatherings!

23. Eat a satisfying meal before you go to parties so you don’t get tempted by unhealthy choices.

24. If it is a pot luck bring plenty of your own dish because you might end up eating only from your own plate (I would add that your Paleo dish will be so tasty that it will be the first to go!

25. If you don’t already eat organ meats, I recommend starting. Even the organ meats from organic, pastured animals are super cheap. Offal is chock full of nutrients.

26. Follow paleorecipe.com and Just Eat Real Food to get recipe ideas. Whenever I’m on this site, I don’t miss non-Paleo foods.

27. Read and follow Paleo blogs and books regularly. The more paleo in your head, the easier it is to stick with your new lifestyle!

28. Use your crock-pot and always have leftovers on hand in the fridge or freezer.

29. Don’t forget your non-starchy veggies. Cook a bunch of green with some yummy fat like garlic ghee and then eat some each day along with your meals.

30. Remember to get lots of sleep, fresh air, exercise and down time!

Hope this has been helpful and don't forget to grab your free Paleo Recipe books from www.healthyeating.com/paleorecipes

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