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During my time in community college, I was a co-editor of both poetry and fiction in our literary magazine. I spent a couple of semesters going through submissions, rating them, giving feedback and edit suggestions, and ultimately offering publication. Additionally, I reached out to other departments, requesting art and photography for the magazine as well.

I also have a bit of informal experience, too. I helped generate and manage content for a small newsletter at a job I used to work at. Nothing fancy, but I organized a “community calendar” of sorts, found an employee that did a fun comic each week and kept it up to date for about a year, and even had a couple of reviews for entertainment coming to town.

Outside of the editor side of things, I’ve been published in my school’s magazine (before I was on the staff) and in another college lit. journal. I’ve had a couple of opinion pieces and album reviews published on a heavy metal news site called No Clean Singing as well.

I’d be glad to be an editor to help out here. I already know you have a presence on Reddit, but I haven’t noticed anything specifically like a call for submissions or anything like that. Also, I’m sure I can find a couple of ways to get the word out and get some consistent content flowing in.

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